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House Passes National Criminal Justice Commission Act

The House of Representatives tonight passed H.R 5143, the National Criminal Justice Commission Act. Representative Bill Delahunt (D-Maryland) introduced the House version on April 27, 2010 as a companion bill to the Senate version (S. 714) introduced by Senator Jim Webb (D-Virginia). [Read more →]

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National Criminal Justice Commission Act Update- July 26, 2010

Word is that the House version of the National Criminal Justice Commission Act (H.R. 5143) might pass this week unopposed. This a very big step in this process and hopefully the Senate version (S. 714) will not be far behind.

If you and your group have not started brainstorming on what you would like to see happen with the National Criminal Justice Commission, you should get started now. This is a very big, complex topic and you should get your thoughts and ideas together in a thoughtful, considerate way. Go to the NCJCA Section for a How To Guide to help you get started.

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National Criminal Justice Commission Act Update- July 12, 2010

The National Criminal Justice Commission Act (NCJCA) is rolling along in the Senate and has been referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security in the House Judiciary Committee. Both versions of the bill (S. 714 and H.R. 5143) have picked up an impressive number of cosponsors and I think it’s about time I made it clear where I stand on this. [Read more →]

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NCJCA: Got Your Wish List Together? Good. Now Let’s Take The Crazy Out of It

In my last National Criminal Justice Commission Act (NCJCA- S. 714 and H.R. 5143) post I told you to get your wish list together about what you’d like to see come out of the recommendations from the NCJCA, and I told you to go crazy.  I hope you did.  What I meant, of course, was to get creative and bold with your own suggestions for how to address the complete overhaul of the criminal justice system.

So, let’s take a look at those wish lists.  As I said before, you don’t have to have opinions on everything.  Overhauling the criminal justice system is a huge and complex task.  I know I say that a lot, but it’s true and it bears repeating.  [Read more →]

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National Criminal Justice Commission Act: What Do You Want To See Happen?

So the Senate and the House are going to pass legislation (S. 714 and H.R. 5143) creating a commission to overhaul the criminal justice system, top to bottom, inside and out.  What do you think should happen?  What do you want it to look like once it’s all said and done?  In getting your thoughts together, you should understand a few things.  To get a better understanding of the history and development of these bills, go to the NCJCA page.

First, short of some other unforeseen congressional jockeying, this is going to happen.  And even if there is some unforeseen congressional jockeying, that will only delay it, not kill it.  These bills have bipartisan support and the support of a very broad spectrum of unions, businesses, and community groups. 

The Senate version has 37 co-sponsors so far; the House version has picked up 11 co-sponsors and is quickly gaining more.  Trying to wage a fight against passage of the bills and creation of the commission will only look bad for you and your group.
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National Criminal Justice Commission Act: Who’s Behind It and Who’s Supporting It

The National Criminal Justice Commission Act was first introduced in the Senate (S. 714) by Senator Jim Webb (D- Virginia) on March 26, 2009.  The House version (H.R. 5143) was introduced by Representative Bill Delahunt (D-Massachusetts) on April 27, 2010.  But this has, from the very beginning, been very much Senator Webb’s bill.

This is a subject that Senator Webb has been talking about for years.  Senator Webb is, in my opinion, quite knowledgeable and level-headed on the subject.  I am not going to use this website to take any political sides because, honestly, I don’t think any political party would be rushing to claim me.  But I have lived in different parts of the country so I know that “Democrat” means different things to different people.  I’d like give you a better idea of what kind of Democrat Senator Webb is. [Read more →]

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Important Changes to The National Criminal Justice Commission Act

There are some interesting things happening in Washington, DC.  In a previous post I talked about the National Criminal Justice Commission Act which will create a commission to make recommendations to overhaul all areas of the criminal justice system.  There have been some developments over the past week regarding that legislation. [Read more →]

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The National Criminal Justice Commission Act: Why You Need Pay Attention NOW

With everything that the future convicts on Wall Street have done that our congressional leaders, the media, and the rest of the country are trying to wrap their heads around, standard crime fare and the criminal justice system are taking a back seat in the press these days.  But there are some big things that are happening in congress that are likely to affect the criminal justice system at every level. [Read more →]

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