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While You’re At It Lavach…

I found another couple of things that need some explanation from Elizabeth Lavach, the lobbyist for the Consortium of Forensic Science Organizations.

The Consortium of Forensic Science Organizations (CFSO) is a lobbying group that purports to “speak with a single forensic science voice” in representing “forensic science professionals across the United States.” [Read more →]

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UPDATED- Updated to include the fact that Kevin Lothridge is also a past-president of ASCLD and provide links to the website of the Forensic Innovation Center.

OK… Let’s see if we can get some of this same-ness mapped out.

Let’s start with who’s who. [

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So, The CFSO is Circling the Drain…-UPDATED

UPDATED, 10/03/2011- Someone from FQS contacted me to inform me that FQS has pulled out of the CFSO. The CFSO’s website has now been updated.

Things aren’t going so well for the Consortium of Forensic Science Organizations (CFSO), the lobbying group that represents the ASCLDs and their not-so-friendly friends. [Read more →]

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Adina Schwartz a No-Show at AAFS

So, here I am at AAFS all ready to see Adina Schwartz explain her views and answer questions defending her position. And I wasn’t the only one. There were lots of people here who were anticipating having the same opportunity. But when we checked in, we were handed an Errata Sheet that showed that Adina Schwartz had withdrawn her presentation. [Read more →]

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The Unraveling, Part 3: The Barry Fisher Problem

Barry Fisher isn’t just a problem for the AAFS or FQS or the ASCLDs or the CFSO or any of the many, many other organizations that he is a part of. Barry Fisher is a great example of why forensic science is in the position it is in today: a bad leader who has been very effective at shifting blame or diverting attention from wrongdoing instead of addressing real problems. But I am including this post as part of the ASCLD et. al series because Barry Fisher is very much an ASCLD guy. [Read more →]

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Struggles and Blindness in the AAFS, Part 2

In my last post, I talked about some of the problems that have become evident within the AAFS lately that should have been apparent to them a long time ago. The leaders and senior fellows of the AAFS have been quite vocal about their displeasure with their outgoing president, Joe Bono, throughout his tenure over the past year. However, as wrongheaded as he is on matters of science and integrity, Joe Bono is hardly the worst or most visible example of what the AAFS needs to fix in its own ranks. [Read more →]

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Struggles and Blindness in the AAFS, Part 1

With the 63rd Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) starting in just a few days, I feel it necessary to touch on a few points for their membership and leadership to consider. Actually, I have been told that I should address the topic. So, here you go. [Read more →]

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ASCLD & The Gang and Mandy Locke: Thank You For This. Really.

Something really, really great did come out of that inadequate, nonsensical article in which Mandy Locke and Joe Neff let ASCLD & The Gang off the hook for all their dirty dealings: they got some of the most wonderful quotes from Ralph Keaton, Joe Bono, and Greg Matheson. Quotes that, when viewed along side some actual facts, become very informative. Some may even say incriminating. [Read more →]

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What the NAS Report Was Supposed To Say: The Lobbyist, The Senator, and ASCLD’s War Against Its Own

Unraveling the moves made by the Consortium of Forensic Science Organizations (CFSO) and those involved in its member organizations surrounding the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Report titled “Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States: A Path Forward” was not an easy task.

But it was made easier by the fact that someone at the CFSO decided at some point that its mission was to make ASCLD and ASCLD/LAB the rulers of the world, evidently to the exclusion of the wants or needs of its other members. Picking the slowest horse to win is never advisable.

[

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The ASCLD Empire, Part 1: Miracle Off Interstate 40

The American Society of Crime Lab Directors (ASCLD), its laboratory accreditation body, ASCLD/LAB, and its for-profit consulting group, ASCLD Consulting, have driven much of the turmoil and ugliness that has been going on in the forensic science community over the last several years. Trying to follow the convoluted and, at times, jack-knifed trail has been interesting. But it always comes back to one place: 139 Technology Drive. [Read more →]

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